New place. New people. New sights, sounds, and smells. New, new, new.

Although "new" is often nice (who doesn't like a new purse, shoes, or outfit?), new can also be overwhelming. Scary, even. Especially when all that newness occurs thousands of miles from home, alone or with far fewer people than you left behind.

If you can strongly relate to being the new person in town (even if you emigrated years ago), pull up a chair. I don't know what brought you...a job, school, or relationship...but you are welcomed here. Let's see how we can walk together in this place we now call home.

What I've Written

Books & Learning

My books are designed to make your move to the U.S. easier. The first, a practical guide, offers relocation resources and information while the second, a workbook, provides checklists and charts. This section also includes additional resources for cultural learning, faith development, social media marketing, and other topics that catch my eye!

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