Author Interview: Holly Michael

Holly Michael and I met a couple of months ago through GoodReads’ Indian Readers group. Holly and her husband, Leo, live in Kansas City where Leo serves as a bishop in the Anglican Church. Although Holly is from the U.S., Leo is originally from South India. This author interview is a combination of questions for … Read moreAuthor Interview: Holly Michael

Why didn’t I get my rental deposit back?

rental deposit

I recently learned about a situation where some international students received large fines from their apartment management company (and didn’t get their rental deposits back) at the end of their lease. Although I don’t know all of the details yet, it is clear that poor communication (on the part of the management) and a lack … Read moreWhy didn’t I get my rental deposit back?

Should International students pay taxes?

Question from Study in U.S.A.: Should International students who earn money through part-time gigs, and get paid through PayPal, file their taxes? My Answer: This is such a difficult question to answer because of the personal implications. I know many International students struggle financially while they are here, and their visas can be quite limiting. … Read moreShould International students pay taxes?

Multiculturalism: A Passport Towards a Harmonious Middle East

During this past summer, Sara and I connected through my author’s page on Facebook (one of the cool benefits of social media). Sara and I share many similar interests–writing, a love of cultural diversity, and a passion to make the world a better place! She has graciously agreed to write a guest blog for me, … Read moreMulticulturalism: A Passport Towards a Harmonious Middle East