Why didn’t I get my rental deposit back?

rental deposit

I recently learned about a situation where some international students received large fines from their apartment management company (and didn’t get their rental deposits back) at the end of their lease. Although I don’t know all of the details yet, it is clear that poor communication (on the part of the management) and a lack … Read more

Should International students pay taxes?

Question from Study in U.S.A.: Should International students who earn money through part-time gigs, and get paid through PayPal, file their taxes? My Answer: This is such a difficult question to answer because of the personal implications. I know many International students struggle financially while they are here, and their visas can be quite limiting. … Read more

How harsh is winter in the U.S.?


Questions from Study in U.S.A.: You talked about weather in your book. Prospective students coming for the first time have no clue how severe the winters can be. What is your advice for them? My Answer: One of the comments that I repeatedly hear from my International friends is that winter in the U.S. is … Read more