The Legend Behind Chinese New Year

Chinese new year

Athough the Chinese word, “nian” means “year,” the word comes from an ancient legend about a ferocious, horned monster that preyed on people, especially on new year’s eve. He would destroy crops, devour livestock, and kill people. Here’s a magnificent retelling of the story: One Spring Festival Eve, villagers of Taohua (Peach Blooms) Village were … Read more

How Does Consumer Credit Work? (Guest Post)

consumer credit

by Vinh Tran As a first generation immigrant, I have seen first-hand my family‚Äôs struggle to understand the U.S. credit system (FICO) and ultimately gain access to consumer credit. The U.S. credit model is complex enough that many native-born Americans still lack a full understanding of its impact on the cost to them over a … Read more