What Does Blue Mean? (Cultures & Colors)

Did you know that various cultures link different feelings to certain colors? For instance, in the U.S. and other Western cultures, happiness is often associated with the color yellow. However, red is the happiness color in many Chinese and Asian cultures, green is the color for happiness in Hindu culture, and white in Native American … Read more What Does Blue Mean? (Cultures & Colors)

Happy Moon Festival!

The celebration of the Chinese holiday called the Moon Festival, or Mid-Autumn Festival occurs on September 15 this year. Next to the Spring Festival, the Moon Festival is the most important Chinese holiday. Like the American holiday of Thanksgiving, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to celebrate family. People travel from all over China to … Read more Happy Moon Festival!

Why Do Americans Love the Microwave?

Microwaves are very common in the U.S. because they are fast and convenient. In fact, in 2006 only DVD players and digital televisions were sold in greater numbers than microwave ovens and ranges! Americans typically use microwaves to heat up food that is leftover from another meal. Since these are commonly made of a wide … Read more Why Do Americans Love the Microwave?