Advent, Even When Sickness Hits

Advent…right in the middle of flu season (at least here in the U.S.). My son had the flu last week, and I’ve had it most of this week. It’s yucky stuff, I can tell you! (And, before you ask, NO, we didn’t get flu shots (sigh) and, YES, I know that “received” is misspelled in the picture.)

Anyway, ever notice how hard it is to celebrate when you’re sick? It doesn’t really matter what the special occasion is; sickness makes it hard to rejoice. People wish you a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hannukah” or _______________ (you fill in the blank) and all you want to say is “Bah, humbug!”

Sickness also makes it difficult to write intelligible blogs about Advent (lol)! I promised you a few weeks back that I’d tell you how and why Christians celebrate Advent, and all my brain can think at this moment is that it has something to do with candles, calendars, and Jesus.

Thankfully, I did my homework before the flu struck my house so I do have sources available! (I’m really glad that I’m not a heavy-duty procrastinator.) So, although I can’t wax eloquent about Advent right now (I’m lucky that I can type), I can at least point you to a few really interesting blogs! Happy Advent, and be well!

How long have Christians celebrated Advent?
What do the Advent candles mean?
When did people begin using Advent calendars? (and an interesting tidbit about caroling)


Photo by Quinn Dombrowski