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Americans LOVE their sports!

I once interviewed with Studyn.US, an online website for students wanting to study here in the U.S. One question asked centered around our love for sports. Since some of our popular sports, like ice hockey and baseball, are not common outside of our country, Studyn.U.S. asked how International students could familiarize themselves with our sports. Here was my answer:

Wow, I’m the wrong person to ask that question! I don’t understand most of our sports, and I was born and raised in the U.S. Nevertheless, I will say that the main way to learn about our sports is by watching them, particularly with an American friend or an International who likes sports and has lived here for a while.

For instance, I live in St. Louis, the home of the St. Louis Cardinals, so I feel that learning baseball is a vital part of understanding St. Louisans. However, the Cardinals’ games can be expensive so I’ve taken my International friends, along with American friends, to a minor league game in the area (thankfully, we have two good minor league teams). Even though I couldn’t explain the game well, the other Americans could answer the questions that the Internationals had.

If you truly want to understand a sport that is a key part of your university or city, find places where people gather to watch, attend your school’s sporting events, or look for groups that are organizing student trips to a professional game. Since many Americans, particularly men, love to talk about sports, they’ll be glad to answer your questions. Just don’t ask your questions right in the middle of an important play! Wait for a break in the game so you don’t annoy your new American friend with your questions.”

How would YOU have answered this question regarding American sports?