Why Do Christians Celebrate Advent?

by John Morgan on Flickr

Although Advent is an extremely old Christian tradition, it is relatively new to the evangelical calendar. In fact, I didn’t learn about Advent until I was an adult, and I attended church throughout my teen years! However, these days it’s quite common for American churches of all denominations to have advent wreaths, and many families … Read moreWhy Do Christians Celebrate Advent?

When Did Thanksgiving Begin? It’s Complicated!

The first “Thanksgiving” was a 3-day harvest festival celebrated by the original English colonists in 1621. After enduring a terrible sea voyage, brutal winter, and multiple deadly diseases, the remaining colonists were thankful that they had survived! Indeed, they wouldn’t have survived a second year if the Wampanoag Indians, whom they invited to the festivities, … Read moreWhen Did Thanksgiving Begin? It’s Complicated!