Here are two books to help make your move to the U.S. easier. The first, a practical guide, offers relocation resources and information while the second, a workbook, provides checklists and charts to help walk you through the process.
Moving to a new country is one of the hardest things you can do. Learning another language. Connecting to a new community. Adapting to an unfamiliar culture. These adjustments take years, but this book provides information that will make your move easier. In this practical guide, you’ll find helpful information about the type of clothes you need, transportation options, visiting an American home, and more! All ten themes are inspired by my personal experiences and those of many International friends.

Paperback copies are available for $7.99 at Amazon.

E-books are available through these e-retailers for $4.99:

Smashwords                     Google Play
Amazon                               Ibook
Kobo                                     Nook                                  Flipkart


While my first book offers helpful resources and information, this workbook provides checklists and charts to take you step-by-step through each of the 10 themes covered in the original book.

You can purchase the paper version for $12.99 at Amazon. Amazon also offers a Kindle version for $8.99.


I hope you find these books useful as you integrate into American life. Welcome to the U.S.A.!