When Did Thanksgiving Begin? It’s Complicated!

The first “Thanksgiving” was a 3-day harvest festival celebrated by the original English colonists in 1621. After enduring a terrible sea voyage, brutal winter, and multiple deadly diseases, the remaining colonists were thankful that they had survived! Indeed, they wouldn’t have survived a second year if the Wampanoag Indians, whom they invited to the festivities, … Read more

How Do You Define Hospitality?

indian food

Have you ever noticed that hospitality varies greatly from culture to culture? When I first made friends with people from other countries, I was surprised whenever they offered me food if I was only staying a short time. In fact, I frequently turned the food down because I was uncomfortable; it was so outside my … Read more

Do YOU Understand Tipping?


Tipping in the U.S. can be confusing! This is especially true if you come from a country where tipping is discouraged or where a set service charge is normal. Oh, who am I kidding? Tipping in the U.S. confuses us all! Here are just a few examples of how crazy it is! I go to … Read more

How Do You Define Friendliness?

A man that hath friends must show himself friendly (Proverbs 18:24) I don’t know any culture where friendliness isn’t expected of friends, do you?! The ancient Scriptures speak today’s truth with that proverb. Not many people tolerate friends who are always unfriendly, rude, or abusive. I tell my son all the time that he has … Read more