Learning Through Cultural Comics

A few years ago, I was introduced to cultural comics, and I LOVED them! I couldn’t believe no one had told me that whole blogs are based on cultural cartoons. Now I get some cartoons sent to my inbox so that I can read more than serious articles about what’s going on in the world.

What I like about telling cultural stories through comics is…it’s fun! (That was kind of a given, I know.) However, cultural cartoons are more than just fun. They also help those of us who are visual learners to better grasp a concept. For instance, you might tell me about an experience you’ve had overseas, but if I see it on paper through a comic, I’ll better understand it. That’s because I learn better through seeing than hearing. Also, cultural comics allow those of us who HAVE experienced certain cultural situations to feel understood, maybe even vindicated. A good example is the “Google Translate” comic below. Anyone who has used an electronic translator to help them speak in a language that isn’t their native tongue has probably experienced what the picture shows. Translator failure!

All in all, I think cultural comics are a good way to experience, teach, and express culture. I’m really thankful for those, like Malachi Ray Rempen, who keep cultural communication fun and educational. Once you’ve read the ones below, check out his website. He has a ton of cultural comics to enjoy!

google translate comic

itchy feet comic

itchy feet comic on Finnish