What Does Blue Mean? (Cultures & Colors)

Did you know that various cultures link different feelings to certain colors? For instance, in the U.S. and other Western cultures, happiness is often associated with the color yellow. However, red is the happiness color in many Chinese and Asian cultures, green is the color for happiness in Hindu culture, and white in Native American cultures.
Likewise, different colors are used to celebrate and mourn. I was astonished the first time that I realized that white, used in the U.S. for weddings because it signifies purity, represents death and grief in other parts of the world! It makes me wonder what some people think when they see wedding pictures from the U.S.

Click HERE to see the enlarged version of an infographic that explains the meaning of various colors and how they are perceived across different cultures. You might be surprised to learn what blue means to you is NOT what it means to someone else!

Chart by Information Is Beautiful