Guest Interview: Molly Hawkins @ The Move to America

I recently met Molly through twitter and really liked her blog concerning her move to Ohio with her husband. Here’s a little about what she has experienced so far:
What was the hardest thing about moving here?
The hardest thing about moving to America has definitely been the process of getting my visa. I had a particularly long and drawn out experience (it took just over 4 years – which is not necessarily the norm). The form filling, fee paying, evidence gathering and time away from my husband was an incredibly stressful time. I am very glad it is all over!
What do you wish someone had told you before?
I think it would have to be being told not to do the visa process myself and get professional support. It would have been much more expensive, but on reflection, it would have eased everything and maybe made it quicker.
What do you like/dislike?
I like the friendliness of the American people I have met so far and the overall enthusiasm of people over here. I dislike that tax is not added on to the price of goods in a store (it is added when you pay) so I am constantly caught out and often do not have enough money on me (for example, a $2.00 item actually costs $2.14). It is not a huge problem, more of an irritation!
What is the funniest thing you’ve seen here?
Well, it would have to be the semi-naked female shoplifter running through Wal-Mart screaming and stopping during the rather comical chase (the security guard did not know where to grab her) to get a plastic bag to cover herself with.
What is the oddest thing?
That people think I am French! I have a very English accent and have no idea why people assume I am from France when I speak to them.
If you could ask an American “Why do you…?,” what would you ask?
It would probably be:
  • Why do you think I sound French when I am very, very English?
  • Why do you have police, sheriffs and state troopers and do they all have the same law enforcing abilities?
  • Why do you have adverts on television just after the beginning credits of the programme have finished?
  • Why do you ask me if we have warm beer in Britain and if women have hairy armpits?
If you’d like to read more about Molly’s story, check out her blog here.