Integration Workshops

Integration Workshops

I understand that moving to a new place has unique challenges, especially for those moving from another country. How do they get all of the basics set up–like utilities, a driver’s license, and insurance? Where can they get help improving their English? How do they make American friends and build a community to call their own? All of these relocation and integration questions can overwhelm even the hardiest newcomer. I am here to help make our international friends’ move to St. Louis easier.

Since everyone’s situation is unique, my first workshop is an orientation and group assessment. Once we’ve covered the basics, we can decide if we need to provide additional integration workshops based on the participants’ specific needs. Here are some of the topics that I cover:

Setting up a household. This includes how to establish bank accounts, register for a social security card, buy insurance, and get a driver’s license.

Establishing the family. Establishing medical care, connecting with schools, and learning good shopping habits are all hot subjects for new families.

Registering for adult education opportunities. I can guide internationals in locating English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) classes, finding a conversational English tutor, or signing up for college classes.

Integrating into American culture. This might include networking with local groups, volunteering at a small organization, taking a short online course, or just asking me a lot of questions!

I love presenting at schools, libraries, religious institutions, and anywhere else that recognizes the value of helping internationals successfully integrate into American culture. For more information, please call or email me at 314.743.6050 or I look forward to speaking with you soon!