July 14-20: Get this book for FREE!


Welcome to International Authors’ Day (or, in this case, days since it runs all week)! This new yearly event is hosted by Debdatta Sahay @b00kr3vi3ws as a time to celebrate indie authors. To celebrate, I’m going to give away FREE copies of my e-book. Click on the @rafflecopter link below to enter the giveaway. Additionally, if you follow the links below to the other authors who are participating, you can read their blogs as well as sign up for additional giveaways. It’s party time! For this event, Debdatta asked the authors to write about anything having to do with books or authors. So, I decided to write about two of the questions that I get asked now that I’m an author: 1) How did you get into writing? and 2) Why did you write THIS book? Although I’ve always been an avid reader, I didn’t start writing until after college. Even then, I did more editing than writing since I served as an associate editor at a publishing house. When I left the publishing house, I started freelance writing as a way to support my ministry among college students. During that time, I wrote devotionals (short stories with a moral point), Christian education curriculum, and games/puzzles of various types. Later, when I took a full-time position in the non-profit world, I quickly became a grant writer (since the motto for the non-profit world is “get grants or die”). However, as you can tell, most of my writing involved short stories, educational activities, or technical writing. “10 Things You Need to Know” is my first book!

This book stems from what I call my vocational “first love,” working with people from other countries. I wrote it to assist those moving to the U.S. by providing practical tips for when they first arrive. Much of the book is based on conversations with and questions from Internationals. Plus, having moved so often myself, I know how hard it is to adjust and learn all of the things that you need to know when you move. Although much of the information can be found by diligently searching the internet, I want to provide a “one-stop shop” for Internationals. With this book, Internationals can focus on their families and the move itself rather than trying to track down all of the information that they’ll need.
Since meeting the needs of Internationals is one of my primary reasons for writing, I would love to hear from my International readership. Do you think a workbook and/or audio book addition to “10 Things” would be helpful? What other tools would help you transition more easily to life in the U.S.? Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful International Authors’ Day (week)!