Salesforce Custom App

Client: Self

Services: My Job Search App

I developed this custom app on the Salesforce platform to track my job search from beginning to end. The home page lets me quickly access accounts, contacts, and opportunities that I want to review. It also gives me an overview of my daily tasks, events, and most important contacts.

I built a specific business process on the accounts page so I could track each account as it moved through my networking “pipeline.” These networking stages can be checked off as I go along.

I also created a specific report that I linked to the dashboard below. It gives me an overview of how I’m doing overall in my job search.

Although not shown, I customized many of the page layouts, including the ones for my mobile phone. By doing that, I made it easy to enter new accounts and contacts in my Salesforce app so I didn’t wait until the end of the day (or week) to update my notes. I can also add tasks to the app throughout the day instead of using post its. Overall, I’m pleased with how well my custom app is helping me with my job search.

Salesforce Custom Page
Home Page


Salesforce business process
Business Process


Salesforce Dashboard