Social Media Marketing for Authors

This is a blog that I wrote about social media marketing when I first wrote my books. Although an oldie, I hope you enjoy it!
I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned since I joined the author & blogger world! I thought I knew a lot about social media before, but using it for personal reasons is a LOT different than using it for business. My learning curve has been huge and  overwhelming at times. Although I’m far from an expert, I offer these lessons with the hope that they’ll save you time and let you focus more on what you love, writing!


1. Although this first one isn’t a social media marketing website, you need to know that Fiverr is worth its weight in gold! You can hire almost anything done on this fabulous site without it costing a fortune.

2. Create a separate FB account if you want to have a personal life on FB. I tried creating an author group under my personal FB account, but friend invitations from readers don’t go to the group but to my personal page. I’m not sure that I like that.

3. Only follow 2-3 groups on LinkedIn if you want to be a true contributor (and you do). More groups than that will either eat up too much time or prevent you from bringing value to the group.

4. Create Twitter lists! The regular news feed becomes overwhelming if you follow more than 20-30 people without putting them into groups (lists). I can barely stand to look at my regular news feed because I can’t stand the clutter.

5. Google+ is a growing phenomenon so create a page, not just a profile. (This will be particularly important when we get to number 9.)

6. Connecting with authors and bloggers who have similar interests is vital to building an audience. You can follow 10-20 blogs through HootSuite’s RSS Feed or another RSS feed (like Blogger’s).

7. Give your fellow author/blogger friends a chance to write for your blog. As you build a relationship, they might even invite you to write for them. Although I’m not comfortable guest blogging yet, I really enjoy inviting others to write for my blog. It’s fun to hear other people’s stories!

7. Curated e-news is amazing. These newsletters are so informative and save a lot of research time. I’m even thinking about creating my own curated e-newsletter; I like them that much.

8. Blog like crazy if you want people to find your site. One person that I’ve read said that he blogs 4-5 times a week. I don’t know if I can pull that off, but it’s good to know that the more you blog, the more readers you’ll draw.

9. HootSuite Pro is SO worth the money! By connecting HootSuite to your LinkedIn groups, Twitter lists, Google+ page, and FB groups you save hours of posting time. (Hint: HootSuite can only post to Google+ pages; that’s the reason for number 5).

10. Use HootSuite’s automated scheduler to set up your posts for the whole week. I started doing this recently and it makes a world of difference. Now I can spend the bulk of my social media time participating in conversations and catching up on what’s happening in the intercultural world.

11. Use Google alerts or the Talkwalker app in HootSuite to track news that you can use. I’m trying to track alerts through HootSuite so everything is in one place, but I don’t know yet if it’s as good as Google alerts.

12. It’s ok to repost your blogs over and over again. The way news feeds work, many people won’t see your posts if you only schedule them one time, or at the same time every day.

13. Last but not least, set a limit on how much time you devote to social media or you’ll never get any writing done. Granted, it’ll take a while to set up all of the stuff that I mentioned above but, hopefully, social media will become less consuming after you finish. (I’m still working on this!)

Now, what social media marketing tips would you offer new indie authors or bloggers?