Why Do Americans Tip?

This is an excerpt regarding tipping from my book, “10 Things You Need to Know: A Practical Guide for Internationals Moving to the U.S.” I hope it helps!

“Tipping in the U.S. can be quite confusing, especially if you come from a country where tipping is discouraged or where a set service charge is normal. In the U.S., restaurants typically only have a set service charge if you have a party of 6 or more people. Additionally, tipping in our country extends far beyond restaurants. Many Americans tip hair stylists, taxi cab drivers, hotel staff, and even baristas! Although the appropriateness of tipping has been debated for centuries, it is an integral part of our economic system with over 3% of our workforce dependent on tips. One of the key reasons that people tip in the U.S. is because they understand that many service workers make less than minimum wage; their employers expect them to receive tips to counter the low wages they are given. As long as employers are legally allowed to do this, even though many consider it unethical, tipping will remain an expected part of certain services in the U.S.”

Here’s a video by Mari Johnson that explains tipping more fully:

Even if you don’t agree with tipping, be a good ambassador for your country and tip anyway! You’ll get better service and people will appreciate serving you.

Photo From “He Who Would Be Lost”