by John Morgan on Flickr

Why Do Christians Celebrate Advent?

Although Advent is an extremely old Christian tradition, it is relatively new to the evangelical calendar. In fact, I didn’t learn about Advent until I was an adult, and I attended church throughout my teen years! However, these days it’s quite common for American churches of all denominations to have advent wreaths, and many families use Advent calendars to countdown until Christmas.

Despite this increased popularity, I don’t think that many of us understand Advent. We light our candles and open our calendar windows without ever asking, “What is Advent, where did it come from, and how is it connected to Christmas?” In other words, we never ask, “Why in the world am I celebrating Advent!?”

Since I’m an explorer by nature, I researched to see what some other people say. Here’s the outcome of my studies. The last two articles are more inspirational in nature, but I hope you enjoy them too!

And if reading seems like too much work right now, here’s a short video that explains the Season of Advent. And it’s by Busted Halo, a website that does a great job of explaining Christianity in simple terms. It’s a win-win!


Photo by John Morgan